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Quality Policy

The Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory (ERL) at the University of Stirling specialises in environmental gamma ray spectrometry and dosimetry.  The laboratory is committed to excellence in testing of environmental samples and associated research and consultancy.

ERL is committed to providing public and private sector customers with a high quality professional service tailored to meeting the needs of the client.  Continuous technique development within a research environment underpins the ethos of the laboratory to continually improve and provide the optimum precision and accuracy in gamma spectrometry analyses of environmental samples and environmental dosimetry in a quality assured manner. The ERL’s quality management protocols comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and policies and procedures are in place to maintain this standard.  The ERL’s activities comply with regulatory requirements and the University of Stirling’s Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities policies. 

The laboratory’s leading edge performance, demonstrated through international inter-laboratory comparisons, provides the motivation to pursue and continually improve the effectiveness of its quality and management system.    The laboratory team are familiar with and contributed to the quality management protocols.  The ERL ensure that all existing and new personnel working within the laboratory will be familiar with and operate by the quality management protocols through ongoing one-to-one training and, where necessary, undertake formal training with ISO/IEC 17025 related courses. 

All researchers and technicians working in the laboratory are able to propose new and improved methods of working practice.  Following review, recommended improvements are implemented systematically and audited through the laboratory management procedures.             


Author: Professor Andrew Tyler, Senior Lecturer and the ERL’s Quality and Technical Manager


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