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Introduction to the Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory

The Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory (ERL) is ISO 17025 accredited for the environmental sampling, sample preparation and laboratory analysis of radioactivity through gamma ray spectrometry. Our quality policy can be accessed through the Quality Policy tab.

The laboratory undertakes national and international research. We collaborate with and provide analytical services for academic, public and private sector organisations and are also involved in knowledge transfer and training.  

In-situ and mobile gamma ray spectrometry
One of the ERL’s specialisations is in-situ gamma ray spectrometry and has collaborated within the European ECCOMAGS and EURADOS programmes for environmental radioactivity measurement and dosimetry.  We have been developing methodologies for the accurate in-situ measurement of anthropogenic and natural radioactivity and completed the first national survey of environmental radioactivity. (This is not included in the ISO 17025 accreditation).

Environmental  Radioactivity LabEnvironmental Radioactivity Lab


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